Exotic animals rehoming guide

Are they ready to adopt or are they an impulse buyer?:

If someone expresses an interest in your exotic pet, make sure they understand the needs, requirements and costs of keeping it, there are also legal requirements for some exotic pets and the new owner must be aware of these.

Some people will impulse buy exotic pets on a fad or whim, make sure the new owner is genuine as has the facilities, time and money to care for your exotic pet.

Share the knowledge:

Ensure the prospective new owner is aware of any important information, such as size the animal will grow to, aggression levels, and specialist requirements.

Collection not couriers!:

The prospective owners will most likely want to collect the animal themselves or may request that you deliver it to them, with the latter enabling you to view the animals new home and environment. Please do not send your animal via the post or couriers as this can cause extreme stress for the animal.

Don’t be afraid to say no!:

If you don’t feel that the new owners are suited, you can say no, your exotic animals health and wellbeing are the most important things to consider and if any prospective new owner cannot maintain these or doesn't seem interested in them, it's probably best to look at someone else.

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