Exotic animals buyers guide

Be aware of the law:

When you purchase or rehome an exotic pet, you'll need to ensure you abide by the animal welfare act, providing everything that the animal would have in the wild, from dietary needs to its environment and accomodation.

You will also need to make sure that the animal has all required paperwork, this could include Cites certificates or licensing under the dangerous wild animals act. If this is needed and neither you or the seller possess it, you could be breaking the law and your animal/s could be seized.

Preparation is key:

You will need to make sure that you have a ready and suitable environment for the animal to live in once it has been brought to your home, some may require specialist equipment such as UV lighting or huge enclosures as some reptiles can grow to enormous sizes.

If you are unsure, please contact the RSPCA, a local vet or an exotic pet specialist.

A home visit is important!

Make sure that you are purchasing from someone who is experienced with the breed/species of exotic pet they are offering, check the animals habitat is clean, safe and appropriate for its size and that it has access to fresh supplies of food and water.

Also ensure that any specialist equipment present is working correctly and that the animal is free from infections or diseases.


Make sure that you arrange an appropriate method of collection, a postal service is not acceptable and should not be considered. Always consider the animals stress levels during transit and you should opt to collect in person.

 Please, please, please contact a rescue centre or the RSPCA first!

Before purchasing an exotic pet, please consider contacting the RSPCA or a local rescue centre to get some advice on the animal you wish to rehome, they may be able to suggest alternatives if they think it is not suited to you or your lifestyle. Freeads sees animal welfare as a top priority and would rather you researched your future pet partner fully before committing to any purchase.

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