Dogs & Puppies checklist

  • Is the dog a legal to own breed in the U.K.?
  • Have you met the dog in its own home or the puppy with its mother?
  • Have you been allowed to visit the animal two or more times?
  • Do you know the animals history and any behavioural issues?
  • Are the dogs medical records up to date?
  • Has the dog (at 6 months +) been neutered or spayed?
  • Has the dog been microchipped and does the current owner have the chip details?
  • If required, have you seen the sellers breeders or pet shop license?
  • If imported, does the animal have all the correct paperwork and a passport?
  • Freeads do not recommend paying any money/deposit if you have not viewed the dog/puppy!

If the answer to any of these questions is no, please consider using a different breeder or seller and if you are concerned about the animals welfare, you can report the matter to Freeads or directly to the RSPCA.

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