Puppy buying tips

When you find the perfect puppy to bring into your home, you need to make sure he or she is healthy and happy. Here's a few tips.

How to ensure you are dealing with an ethical breeder

These tips should help you make sure you are dealing with an ethical breeder:

  • You should be allowed to inspect the premises in which the puppy is kept or to see/examine the breeding parents
  • Puppies should not be offered for sale and delivery before they reach 8 weeks of age (15 weeks for imported puppies requiring a passport).
  • An ethical breeder should provide you with all medical paperwork related to your chosen puppy’s injections, micro-chipping and worming.
  • An ethical breeder will be interested in more than just the money and will ask genuine questions about you and your home to ensure everything is suitable for the chosen puppy.
  • Ethical breeder’s may request to visit your home premises for delivery of the puppy, no genuine breeder will offer collection from a public location.
  • Genuine and ethical breeders will communicate with you directly, beware those who advertise or message you ‘on behalf’ of the puppy’s owner.

Inspecting the premises where your puppy is located

  • If offered the chance to inspect the premises, don't pass it up, just because a breeder invites you, doesn't mean that they have nothing to hide.
  • Check for foul odours or an overpowering smell of bleach/cleaning products, this could indicate a more serious problem.
  • Check all the puppies you see for indicators of health problems, overgrown claws, patchy fur, ear/eye or nose discharge could all be indicators of poor health and hygiene.
  • Check the size of the puppy accommodation. There should be enough room for the puppies to turn, stand up and move with a space for sleeping away from food and water. The area should also be as clear as possible from urine and feces
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