Tips on selling your motor

When it comes to the sad day that you depart with your much loved old car, van or motorbike you want to get as much money as possible and sell as quickly as possible.

Here are a few tips for how to do just that:

Preparing your vehicle

  1. Check your oil level (make sure it is full)
  2. Top up all fluid levels (water/coolant, windscreen fluid etc.)
  3. Check your tyre pressure and replace worn or damaged tyres
  4. Remove any debris to make the engine appear clean and well looked-after
  5. Clean your vehicle before taking your photos and before EVERY visit (a pressure washer is quite useful for this)

Interacting with buyers

  1. Never let the buyer go out on a test drive alone and never leave the keys in the ignition when you're not in the vehicle
  2. Check the buyer has adequate motor insurance, otherwise you could be liable for any accidents they may have
  3. Sometimes a buyer will want to pay for a third-party inspection of your vehicle to verify the information you have listed in your advert. This is becoming common practice and shouldn't surprise you.


Buyers will inevitably want to haggle about the price.

  1. Be firm but not unreasonable.
  2. Decide beforehand how much you are willing to drop the price  - and stick to it!
  3. Once you agree on the price don’t forget to write two receipts (for you and the buyer) stating the vehicle has been sold and make sure you both sign and date both copies of it.
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