How do I post my item?

Firstly, congratulations on selling your item! Now you need to deliver it to the buyer.

We've put together a great guide to help you to deliver a first class service to your buyers:

  1. Prepare the package and post the item as soon as possible. Make sure this is done within a couple of days
  2. Tell the buyer that you have dispatched their item. You can do this in the "my orders" section. Communicating clearly with the buyer is the key to making things go smoothly.
  3. Always get (and keep) your proof of postage. This way if the buyer raises a dispute with Freeads you can use this as evidence in your favour. Make sure that your proof of postage contains the buyer’s address and date of shipping or it on't be valid.
  4. Always post via recorded mail as it’s the only way you are covered by PayPal Seller Protection. This way, if the item gets lost in the post or the buyer claims they haven’t got it, PayPal will cover you for the full amount. You can find a list of services that offer tracked shipping at the end of this article.
  5. Freeads recommends AnyVan to deliver items to buyers.
  6. Only send the item to the address shown in your sold items list to be protected by PayPal Seller Protection.

    If the buyer asks for the item to be shipped to another address, we recommend you refund them and ask them to buy the item again.

    If the address isn’t listed, it may mean that the buyer picked the option “meet in person”. In this case, we recommend you refund the buyer, ask them to purchase it again and pick the shipping option.

Happy selling!

Here is a list of services that offer recorded delivery services in the United Kingdom:

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