About Freeads

Since Freeads was launched in 2001, millions of people just like you have bought and sold on Freeads, helping to make us one of the largest and fastest growing classifieds communities.

Now with over 1 million people using Freeads and viewing over 125,000 ads each month, Freeads is one of the most popular places to buy and sell safely in the UK.

Our goal is simple; to help you turn your unwanted stuff into cash in the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way possible, and (lets face it) what's more cost effective than free?

With ads posted all over the UK, it has never been easier for our users to buy and sell within their own communities. In addition to that, however, we also recognise the value of being able to trade nation-wide; therefore, all adverts posted on any local Freeads site are also posted UK-wide.

Remember, posting a Basic advert is 100% free of charge, no fee to post your advert, no commission payments, no hidden costs; whatever money you make is 100% yours.

This is our way of thanking you, our users, for making Freeads what it is.

The real beauty in Freeads is in its simplicity. Whether you're selling a high-value motor vehicle or a low-value household product, Freeads has the tools to get your item seen and we're constantly listening to your feedback to improve our service.

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