What are duplicate ads?

It is completely free to post ads on Freeads and you can place as many ads as you like! We like our listings pages to be thriving with lots of different ads and content. 

One thing that hinders the enjoyment of using a classifieds site is if the ads are just copies of each other. We try to prevent this by removing duplicate ads or by closing "repeat-offender" accounts if they continuously post dozens of the exact same ad.

We must stress that duplicate ads are forbidden on our site and will be removed or rejected without warning. We are not responsible for any content that is lost in this process.

Duplicate ads are 2 or more ads by the same user that advertise the same item/service/job, whether the content is a direct copy or similar. This includes a service that is advertised for different locations.

For example, "cleaning services, Fulham" and "cleaning services, Kensington" offered by the same cleaning company are classed as duplicate ads. You may place ONE ad which lists all the locations and areas you cover - this will appear in different searches when a specific location or postcode is searched.

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