How can I tell how well my ad is performing?

If you've posted an ad, you'll need to know how well you're doing and measure how many enquiries you're getting. That's why we record and show the following stats for you.

This is what they mean:

  • Listing views - the number of times your advert has been seen in your category and in searches by other users
  • Ad views - the number of times your advert has been clicked on and viewed by users
  • Messages - the number of email enquiries you have been sent.
  • Calls - the number of telephone calls that have been made to 070 numbers* or the number of times your full telephone number has been "revealed" to other users
  • SMS - the number of free SMS enquiries sent 
  • Offers - the number of offers made by other users

*note some of these calls may have been unanswered or sent to your voicemail/answerphone

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