Pay attention to fakes - we need your help!

Freeads is a great community and the vast majority of our users safely buy and sell every day without problem. Unfortunately sometimes things don't go as smoothly so here's some tips to avoid it:

1) Be alert to fakes

If you are not sure whether the description corresponds to the item or if the items appears to be fake, ask the seller for more information and/or report the item to us. We will investigate together.

Please pay attention especially to: 

  • luxury goods such as branded designer handbags

  • electronics like iphones

  • art

  • anything where the description doesn't match up with or is not clear in with the photo

  • pedigree puppies being rehomed at an unusually low price

Please report any item you consider ambiguous, prohibited or fake.

We reserve the right to suspend any user profile we consider ambiguous or disrespectful of our Posting Rules or Terms of Use.

2) Always use "buy now" if you can

If the item has a "buy now" button, you will be covered by PayPal's buyer protection policy. This will protect you against any fraud or malpractice by the seller. If you pay by other means (including PayPal's "family and friends", bank transfer) and something goes wrong it becomes very hard for us to help you.

If the item doesn't have a buy now button, try asking them to add one on for you to complete your purchase or read more tips on buying safely.

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