How will I be contacted?

If another user needs to get in touch with you to buy your item, to enquire about your advert or their Paypal Order, there are four different ways that buyers can contact you:

1. Email
You will receive the enquiry via email to your email address and also in your "inbox" in My Freeads For Desktop. Simply reply to this email to continue the conversation. Remember, to keep you safe Freeads will never give out your email address without your permission.

2. Telephone
Again, Freeads do not give out your actual telephone number, but shields it behind the anonymous "070" number that you will see on your ad. When a buyer dials the number we give them, they'll be put through to your phone automatically. This facility ceases to work once your advert has expired or has been withdrawn.

3. Mobile SMS Text Message
You will receive the enquiry in a standard SMS. Simply reply to this SMS (or call back) to continue the conversation.

4. Offers
Offers will be sent to you by email. Simply reply to the offer to let the buyer know if you accept the offer, decline the offer or to negotiate a better price.

Good luck with your ad!

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