How much does "buy now" with PayPal cost?

Instant payments are the SAFEST way to buy and sell on Freeads!

  • You’re protected. Both you and the buyer are protected by PayPal protection. You can’t get this protection with a ‘friends or family’ transfer.
  • Someone to help you. If anything goes wrong with the transaction Freeads and Paypal are here to help you out - unfortunately we can’t help you if you've transacted outside of Freeads.
  • Help us grow. You are helping Freeads grow as a safe community of buyers and sellers.

We know that selling on Freeads is a choice. When you sell with us, you get to sell your items to  our 12 million annual customers in the UK for a fair price. You will also get paid instantly for your items when you make a sale.


Transaction Fee


Freeads 5%

If you want to accept instant PayPal payments you get all of the Paypal buyer and seller protection and you ONLY pay when you sell. If you don't sell - you don't pay!

When you sell your item, we take 5% (half as much as eBay) from your payment and PayPal take their fee of around 3.4% + 20p.


  • You sell an item for £50
  • The Freeads fee is £2.50
  • Paypal fee is about £1.90
  • You receive about £45.60


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