How to deliver your item

You can choose three different delivery options:

  1. Postal service - Depending on your preference, you can choose to deliver only to people in your country, or to people worldwide, and you can set a different price for both. 
  2. AnyVan service - AnyVan is Freeads delivery partner that allows you to ship anything to anywhere in the UK.
  3. Meet in person - You can arrange to meet the buyer in person to deliver the item directly to them. 

Delivery tips

  • Make sure you get proof of delivery - To be covered by PayPal Seller Protection, you need to be able to prove (through an online tracking system) that your item was delivered. Royal Mail calls this "signed for" delivery. Remember to save all your receipts and tracking numbers in a safe place.
  • Only send to the address shown on your "My Orders" in the myfreeads - If the buyer wants to change the address, refund the sale and get them to buy the item again.
  • Send the package as soon as possible - Deliver your item no more than a few days after payment has been received, and send the tracking number to the buyer.
  • Follow up with the buyer - Most likely you'll receive a message from the buyer to let you know the item arrived safely. If you don’t hear from the buyer you can send a message to ask whether the item arrived in good condition.

Postal Services

Below you can find the link to several postal services & courier companies that offer tracked delivery.

United Kingdom

Please do not offer to send live animals through the post.

United States


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