About your Trust Score - Become a "Trusted Member"

If you want to boost your performance on freeads, improving your trust score is a great place to start. You can see what you can improve by going to your trust score area now.

We use your trust score to determine how often we show your ads and show all of your trusted markers on your profile panel which is featured prominently on your ads.

Our test show that trusted members are twice as likely to sell than those with a low trust score!

Add 60% trust - Confirm your ID + earn a FREE premium ad!

Add your passport or driving license with our partner Yoti and you'll:

  • get a  badge on your profile panel
  • get an ID checked badge (adds 20% trust)
  • verify your phone number (adds 20% trust)
  • add a profile photo (adds 20% trust)
  • ...and earn a FREE featured ad worth £5!

Add 20% trust - upload a profile photo or company logo
Its easy to add a profile photo. Buyers are more likely to make the first move if they can see who they are making a deal with.

Add 20% - confirm your email address
Get more enquiries and replies. Confirm your email address and you'll get an "email address confirmed" trusted marker your profile panel

Add 20% - confirm your phone number
Get more calls. Confirm your phone number and get a "phone number confirmed" trusted marker on your profile panel

  • Get a trusted member  badge on your profile panel
  • Get a "Phone number verified trusted marker on your ads
  • Get more calls

Note, there is a small charge of £1.50 to verify your phone number. This is billed to your phone by one-time-only SMS. To do this for free, please see the "Confirm your ID" option.

Add 20% - connect your PayPal account
Connect your PayPal account & accept instant payments from buyers by PayPal or Credit Card. Only pay when you sell!

Want to improve your score?

Visit your trust score area now and see what you can do to boost your performance.


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